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Travel to India for Your Joint Replacement Surgery

  In India a number of orthopedic procedures are available such as hip and knee joint replacement, the Illizarov technique, limb lengthening, Birmingham Hip resurfacing technique (which scores over conventional hip Joint Replacement Surgery and is still unavailable even in the US) etc.  IAS Medicare in Gurgaon specialize in latest techniques and treatments such as minimal invasive surgery, cartilage and bone transplantation, spine surgery and limb sparing surgery. All kinds of muscular- skeletal problems ranging from Arthritis to sports injuries, to complex broken bones, bone tumors and childhood conditions like scoliosis are treated most effectively in India at costs much lower than in USA and UK.  Joint Replacement Surgery : Shoulder/hip replacement and bilateral knee replacement surgery using the most advanced keyhole or endoscopic surgery and arthroscopy is done at IAS Medicare hospitals in Gurgaon, India  What Is Joint Replacement Surgery?  Joint Replacement Surgery is removing