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Ear Infection among Kids

Children below 5 years of age are prone to get middle ear infections and it is usually followed by a cold. If your little one is getting fussy or is crying and throwing tantrums while tugging their ear, more than usual, there are high chances he’s got an ear infection. Otitis Media, commonly called an ear infection, is a painful inflammation of the middle ear. It usually occurs between the eardrum and the eustachian tube, connecting the ears, nose, and throat. It usually occurs due to bacteria or viruses. Book an appointment to consult Dr. Lokesh Gupta for pediatric concerns. Children are more likely to get ear infections compared to adults as their immune system is not as developed yet, making it harder for their bodies to fight off bacteria. Their eustachian tubes are smaller and not fully developed yet, making it difficult for the fluid to drain out of the ear. Symptoms of ear infection: Children may complain of earache, whereas the younger ones may not be able to communicate what